People will talk about a lot of stuff in real life and on the internet. Sexual preference, sexual practice, deeply held religious and political beliefs, past abuse, therapy, personal hygiene, farting. However, talking salary is often the last taboo. It especially hurts women who are less likely to negotiate and folks from less privileged backgrounds trying to make it in a white collar professional (often the first of their family). I'd like to talk money. Feel free to use a burner just keep it real. Also, I can't take credit for this idea. I've seen somewhere else. Take a look. Very informative:

Answer as much of the below as you feel comfortable.

  1. Tell us your title and a bit about what you do including level of responsibility
  2. Geographic area
  3. Education level
  4. Gender
  5. Your salary
  6. Any other info including how you negotiated for salary (or if you didn't negotiate at all)
  7. Other useful stuff (forgot to mention sick time, vacation, perks etc., but talk about those too!)